Production of Security Locks and Exit Devices

Simplicity, reliability, style

When manufacturing high security door hardware, Securitech Rom Prod has 4 pillars to drive the fabrication process:

  • Customer demands
  • Market potential
  • Research and developments
  • Standards and norms

Our door hardware (locks, exit devices) manufacturing process starts with assessing the customer’s specifications and needs. After understanding the customers’ needs our R&D department creates a design and develops a working prototype. We are capable to do to all prototyping works, in house, with the help of advanced 3D printing technology with both plastic and metal 3D printed functional parts. We put these prototypes through a series of internal tests to determine whether both functionality and durability standards are met.              Clients and end-users are consulted and asked for feedback to identify possible improvements in our security door hardware design.

After the working concept is approved, Securitech Rom Prod will go into production.                                                                                                   What if we the project is to complex for SRP to handle it?                                                                                                                                                                We always have the right solution for every problem… we have many specialized suppliers where we can outsource most of the manufacturing processes, if needed.

Securitech Rom Prod is responsible for the whole assembly process, which is done manually with great attention for quality and control. The combination of a strong supplier network, years of machine shop experience and especially a skilled, dedicated and loyal workforce enables SRP to provide a flexible and custom door hardware assembly solution that will guarantee that your security needs are met.

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Sheet Metal Working

Cutting, bending, deep-drawing for different thicknesses

We provide sheet metal cutting, stamping, punching, deep-drawing, extrusion, bending for the fabrication of sheet metal parts. Our cutting and forming processes guarantee high precision and quality of ready to use functional items. All parts can be subject to post-processing upon your request: coatings, heat-treatment and others. We can process every type of sheet metal up to 3mm thickness. Laser cutting can be also requested.

Material Testing and Quality Control

Composition analysis, mechanical properties, metallography, dimensional accuracy

As part of our materials testing service range with collaboration, Securitech Rom Prod provides advanced solutions in metals technology, offering critical support in testing and consultation aligned to all stages of metals processing and product development. We provide comprehensive testing for ferrous metals with a broad range of mechanical, physical, chemical, and non-destructive methods to determine their potential properties, performance, strength, durability, and resistance to corrosion and to ultimately help make sure that they are safe, compliant and fit for purpose in their end application.

A test certificate with all the requested data (composition, mechanical properties, surface quality, and dimensional accuracy) is issued with every delivery (standard delivery includes quality certification).
As in-house facilities, specific tests or research projects may also be performed on request.
As Securitech Rom Prod, we try to give maximum satisfaction to our partners and customers, our team is ready to collaborate also in product development.


Machining shop with milling, drilling, turning and other essential finishing.

Securitech Rom Prod offers precision machining and is committed to providing exceptional value through competitive pricing, superior quality, dependable, on-time deliveries, and outstanding customer service. In addition, we provide value-added services such as engraving, heat treating, painting, plating and more

Along with general (traditional – milling, turning, grinding) machining, we are specialized in high precision CNC machining (milling, turning) and EDM machining (solid/die sinker). We are experts in close tolerance CNC machining of:

  • general thin-walled parts (ferrous metals)
  • investment casted parts
  • investment casting dies and accessories
  • industrial rated door hardware parts (trim -, exit device-, mortise lock parts)
  • measuring gauges

Mirror-like Finishes

Securitech Rom Prod specialized in producing high quality finishes without grinding as much as possible. Mirror finishes are a result of the right equipment, the right tooling, all being run by experienced technicians supported by industry specialists.