We want to assist our customers around the world to create a better environment in which people feel safer and better. We want to be enterprising, innovative and profitable global supplier of security hardware products for homes and workspaces and any other custom parts which our departments can create and handle. As an employer we want to be the one who understands the importance of creating value for all employees, customers and their environment.

The purpose inspires us: THE PASSION for developing and creating innovative solutions that sustainably improve the environmental conditions of people, animals and plants.


Driven by YOUR SUCCES!

As a go-to option for industrial rated door security hardware we are the right solutions for your professional needs because we are committed to the highest quality requirement of our customers.

Listen and think before ACT!

Our unique level of specialization and our knowledge of this specialist sector enables us to offer a fully comprehensive range of services. The technological expertise we have developed over the years is something we can apply innovatively to new markets and applications, particularly on security and opening solutions.


Value creation is at the core of our business and we are constantly motivated to share our values with our precious stakeholders, which include our esteemed clients, our valuable employees and their families, our group of vendors, who are the backbone of our industry, our investors and the society within which we operate.

Keep on getting BETTER!

Our commitment to achieving innovative solutions for the benefit of our customers and a customer-oriented price-performance ratio is ably demonstrated by our continuous drive to improve our work and processes, as well as our ongoing investments in leading edge production structures.

Working on IMPROVING ourselves!

Our business is like a big family where we got a whole team of motivated employees. The organization lives and breathes as a team-based and process-oriented unit with individual responsibility to empower each member of staff. This organizational structure, combined with high levels of individual expertise, enables us to respond rapidly and flexibly to the needs of our customers and stakeholder groups.

Responsibility towards THE ENVIREMENT!

The preservation of an environment worth living in and the conscious use of resources are a need for us. Sustainable developments of material and technology in environmental protection and recycling are adopted and used sensibly.



  • Behavioral healthcare institutes,
  • Industrial facilities,
  • Government,
  • Retail and commercial,
  • Multi-Family residences.